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E-Payments - Threat! Security ! Necessary steps! (Net Banking! Debit Card - Security)

E-Payments - Threat! Security ! Necessary steps! (Net Banking! Debit Card - Security)
All are well aware that the internet has become a necessity for everyone now. The emphasis is on cashless economy not only in India but in the world. Therefore, people have relied on online transaction and e-wallets. But not everyone knows what precautions should be taken while making e-payments.

So let's see what these precautions are -

1. Safe Browsers - Use only secure and reliable browsers to do any ePayment or Transaction. Like - Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.
Download Mozilla Firefox here -
Download Google Chrome here -
Download Internet Explorer here -

2. Before making an online payment, make sure that your address link is secure (if you are using Google Chrome browser then it is visible in this photo

This should be the green color of https: // which is called the protocol which is before it and before that lock. Or if you use another browser then it should be seen in the same way that protocol, or in this way
Safe name should appear. If the lock is completely closed and the protocol is visible in green then it is safe.

But if the protocol is something like red in something like this

If it appears, it is not safe at all, if any protocols are seen in this way, or when doing any important work, then do not process any further process and stop the browser immediately. And re-open the browser and try again.

3. Before making any online payments before www. Do not forget to pour it

4. Whenever you log in to the website then in the window frame like this

The padlock symbol should be visible.

If Paddock Symbol is like this
If it appears to be open in red or lock, then it is not safe.

5. When sending money to anyone, use the secure payment site, during this, definitely check the website privacy policy.
* Before confirming the payment, be sure to re-enter all the information you have inserted. (Take out the screen shot)

6. You must save the receipt of whatever transactions you are doing. (Print out)

7. Keep checking your bank statement regularly.

8. Most importantly, before doing anything online, anti-virus must be updated before working.

Your special advice to us is that you will be able to make payments by credit card or debit card in online payments, because whenever you have a transaction through a credit card or debit card, you will get a one-time Password comes to your register mobile (this will not be any transaction of burger one time password) and you do not enter a one time password. BTC can not be any fraud.

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