Sunday, April 2, 2017

During World War II the cat had spied !

This post is based on a true event.
When World War II was going on, Germany was heavily burdened with the British army trying to keep its activities secret, so that the Germans could not even know about their strategies. In spite of strict secrecy, the next day the German fighter aircraft used to attack and attack the place, after all, the British could not know how the enemy got information. One day Britain's Prime Minister Mr. Churchill telephoned all the ministers and called for a secret meeting. After the message was received, all the ministers reached the floating place. It was an emergency meeting, so the privacy of all the ministers was completely sealed. Just before the meeting starts Churchill talked to all the ministers saying that the hard work of our intelligence department has not been able to find out what about the news of the German's about our confidential meeting. This emergency meeting was called to discuss the problem. All the ministers were giving their opinion when suddenly a fat cat came in the room and sat down in the chair of Mr. Churchill. They kept on touching that cat with great love during the conversation. As soon as Mr. Churchill stopped speaking and another minister started speaking, the cat got up and went to sit in the lap of that minister and in this way all the cats sat in the lap of the cat.
                 The next morning when Mr Churchill started the radio, he was stunned by the full description of his emergency meeting via Radio Berlin. In the emergency meeting, no one other than his cabinet and any other member of the family was present even in the event of suspicion, then on whom and on which nobody Everyone was suspicious that no detective came in the form of soldiers as a transmitter or microphone in the walls or in the nearby premises, through which all the secret information of the meeting goes out! To confirm this, the entire premises of the meeting place was completely broken and reconstructed to check the building so far, but no reason for the detective could not be found. And that important decisions were taken in that meeting, Germany got the information and all the schemes failed. Again m Churchill felt that a minister from his own council of ministers has got from Germany, so he changed his ministry. But still there was no restriction on going out of important information.

 One day Mr. Churchill's house was sitting on a very important meeting on this subject, and suddenly suddenly he got a big cat and went to sit in the lap of every single person who was sitting. When the cat was sitting in the lap of a member, the member suddenly said that this cat is not a detective? He soon turned his hand on the whole body of the cats. As soon as he turned his hand, his hand went to the cat's stomach and he realised that there is something in the shape of a button in the cat's stomach and he suddenly screams, this cat is a detective. The cat was immediately handed over to the Intelligence for the investigation. When the cat was x-rayed, it was discovered that a powerful transmitter was fitted by the operation of the cat's stomach. Through this transmitter, the enemies knew all the confidential information.

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