Sunday, April 2, 2017

why bell is played in the temples !!

By the way, there are different types of beliefs about the bell played in the temple. But, according to the belief that by playing the bell, consciousness is awakened in the idols of gods and goddesses set up in the temple, the result of this is that whatever worship we worship is more rewarding and effective.
The sound that is produced by playing a bell is very easy to get rid of. The sound of the hour raises the heart and the mind to spirituality and spirituality and helps to go. Our mind experiences peace by connecting with the bell of the bell. Along with this, according to many beliefs, the sin of many births of a human being is deterred by playing bell. Whenever the bells are played with the rhythm and special melodies of the temple, then those present there realise the presence of peace and divine power. The third reason, when the universe started, then the sound that sounded like a sound, according to the belief, the same voice arises even after playing the bell. This bell is considered to be the symbol of the same sounds.

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