Sunday, April 2, 2017

What is the truth of Valentine's Day!

Since 1300 years ago, people living in Europe lived in Live in Relation without having married without having been married; Such was the understanding in the European society that sexual intercourse is the ultimate pleasure of life; therefore, not married in Europe.
He lived with him in his relationship. In Europe, women were considered to be a sex object until the first woman got pleasure from her, after she became concerned with the second woman, after that the third - fourth - .. In Europe, the child is the father of her The information was not known because the child's mother did not even know who would be the child, so the family could not become in Europe. This tradition was going on for many years .This resulted in the fact that no one could have sex with anybody / many people. The result was that the people got confused with sexually transmitted diseases, in order to prevent this, many such people tried to stop them. Wanted to live in this way, it is not a good thing to have sexual intercourse like living beings, and this should be closed, but the same society did not let those people alive.

                        Then a great gentleman called a valentine explained to the people that this is not a good thing. They should stay together and pray, make a family, whatever they say in their contact and explain it to them. Then the people told him what this marriage is, what the family is, what has gone into your mind, they have brought it up, saying that there is no such thing in Europe. So he said to the people that nowadays studying Indian Philosophy. And I think that his lifestyle is absolutely good and he will be good for us too. After hearing this talk, some people started accepting them again. Those who agreed to get married, who gave their marriage to the church, in this way, they introduced many people to Shadiya. Seeing all this, Claudius, King of Europe, who was a great king of that time and was very cruel, said that those valentines are spoiling the traditions of our Europe, we are the people who are celebrating and engaged in marriage Then he ordered to catch him immediately, after bringing the catch, Claudius asked, "What are you doing here?" Vellantine said that I think this is right, we should do this, then King Claudius did not listen to him and ordered him to be hanged.
                      Min Valentin was hanged on 14 February 498. Min Vellantine was hanged on this day, so his supporters, whose Shadia Mi He started making Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day on 14th February. And those who marry in Europe since then, they make Valentine's Day. Valentines Day married people in Europe. Valentine was celebrated in the memory of him, but with the different meaning of Valentine's Day, gradually the Valentines Day was celebrated in many countries.

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