Sunday, April 2, 2017

World's richest village

All the facilities needed in the country's Waxi village of Jiangsu state of China are therefore one of the richest villages in the world. Every resident of this village own home, car and good money. There is a lot of companies in this village, and here too there is a large scale farming with modern technology
In the year 2015, every person in this village had an average annual income of around Rs 90 lakh. After this village was very poor in 1955, the village was changed by the Communist Party's local secretary, Wu Renabao, by making them a prosperous plan and bringing many industries to the village gradually and this village started to grow. Renabao organized a company, promoting community farming. Every man in this village became a shareholder in the 1990s.
Currently, more than 65 factories in this village and more than sixty lakh rupees are deposited in the account of every person in S Gaon. In most of this village, most of the house is one house, every house is 10-10 rooms. This is 80 In exchange for a tax, luxury facilities like villa, car, excursion, dinner at Star Hotel and dinner are available free of charge.

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